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There are few things in life as good as growing your own plant, herb and even medicine at home. Now you can in the smallest automated hydroponic system called the LabBox Grower (Patent Pending). This micro grow box was specifically designed to grow plants within a miniaturized bio containment unit.  From the specifically selected high intensity LEDs to the nutrient delivery mechanism, everything from the ground up was designed to provide the best  environment for a successful micro grow.

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Photos published are currently prototypes and may change at the time of production.

labbox controller LabBox Grower

The Brain

Within each LabBox Grower is a controller that automates the watering cycles, light schedules and environmental temperatures. This control system utilizes a PicAxe 14M micro-controller preprogrammed with three different light schedules (24 Hours, 18/6 Hours and 12/12 hour), default temperature control to maintain a 75 degree temperature and watering cycles of 4 times a day.

Adjustments to your LabBox can be also controlled through the free LabBox Server software. By connecting your LabBox to your computer via a serial cable, you can control your box right from the computer. And for those that are total Geeks like us and understand the BASIC programming language, you can re-program the 14M PicAxe micro-controller to do basically anything you want.

LabBoxiPhone LabBox Grower

Online Controls

Imagine, controlling your LabBox Grower online through your favorite web browser or even through your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. By downloading the LabBox Server software, you can enable  online controls to your LabBox Grower.

The LabBox Server is also Twitter enabled. That means you can receive periodic updates right to your Twitter account.

- Current Temperature Readings
- Light, Pump and Fan Statuses
- Low Reservoir Notifications
- High-Low Temperature Notifications

Each LabBox Grower Includes the Following:

  • LabBox Grower 1.0 - Self Contained Micro Hydroponics Box
  • LabBox Grower CD Case w/ Reflective Sheeting
  • Pre-Programmed Light Schedule
  • Temperature Sensor Control
  • 3 ML Transfer Dropper to Fill Reservoir
  • Tie Down Wires for Plant Training
  • 2 Odor Control – Active Carbon Sponge Filters
  • 1 Wall Transformer (110v)
LabBox Grower Specs:

  • Grow Box Width: 5.40″  Height: 5.20″ Depth: 1.44″
  • Case: Width: 6.0″  Heigth: 5.5″ Depth: 1.75″
  • Grow Space: Width: 5.24″  Height: 2.72″ Depth: 1.44″
  • Reserviour Capacity:  1/2 fl.  oz.
  • LED Blue Wavelength: 470nm
  • LED Red Wavelength: 630nm
  • Micro Controller: PicAxe 14
  • Power: 12v @ 500ma

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