LabBox Grower Downloadable Covers

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Personalize your LabBox Grower's case by printing and placing the cover into the sleeve of the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

tutorial faq Frequently Asked Questions

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The PicAxe Micro Controller

14pin m The PicAxe Micro ControllerPICAXE microcontrollers are exciting,  re-programmable chips that can be used as low-cost  ”brain”‘  in many kinds of electronic project.  Initially marketed for use in education and by electronics hobbyists, they are also used in commercial and technical fields, including rapid prototype development. All use pre-loaded factory bootstrap interpretation code to allow user generated programs to be downloaded using a simple RS-232 serial connection.

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Updates from PocketGrow

barley Updates from PocketGrow

With Monday’s (August 24, 2010) launch of the website, I was absolutely amazed by the interest we received with this new micro hydroponics system. The server even went down several times with all the unexpected traffic we received. I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback and support to grow this community of Micro Growers. I am working very hard trying to get the production pieces built and still working on the final production design.

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