sample1 Micro Grow Project

The Micro Grow Project

At PocketGrow, we take micro growing to whole new level. We believe in exploring new techniques and technologies to grow and produce at the smallest scale.

Our goal with Micro Grow Project is to create a collaborative agricultural containment experiment that promotes education, sustainable bio technologies and agriculture technologies. We operates on the premise that a community is made up of individuals … and through individuals we can build a community to further design innovations and agricultural technologies for the Micro Grow community.

Imagine, growing your favorite plant, herb or medicine in a micro container utilizing advance hydroponic technologies. A fully contained system that uses an automated drip system and high intensity LEDs to deliver everything your plant needs to mature to harvest.  A community where we all can collaborate to grow an endless supply of fresh greens and herbs year round.

In the Know

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The Projects:

  1. The LabBox Grower
    The smallest automated hydroponic system.
    (Patent Pending)
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  2. The LabBox Grower Pro
    A larger size of the LabBox Grower, measuring approximately 5.5″x5.25″x9.5.  This project is currently being developed and hope to have a prototype ready by the March 2011. (Patent Pending)

  3. The LabBox Server Software
    Client software tools to control your grow box on your PC. Temperature, lighting and nutrient deliver controls.
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  4. The LabBox Online Interface
    Online control through your internet browser or mobile device such as the iPhone.

    - Light, temperature and nutrient delivery controls
    - Live Twitter updates notifies box’s status and health
    - Graphical charts to monitor the box environment